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Beck's Guitar Specialty Services

Repairs and Service for:
Gibson – Fender – Martin – Taylor – Paul Reed Smith – Epiphone – Larivee – Takamine – Rickenbacker – Peavey – Parker – Tacoma – Yamaha – Ovation – Alvarez – Collings

All electrics and acoustics
Fast Service
Pro Repairs

Beck's Guitar Specialty Services

Richard Beck has been repairing, building, and servicing guitars for over 30 years.   He specializes in high quality electric and acoustic guitar repair, adjustments, and fret work.

Beck's Guitar Specialty Services

Rich has been building custom hand-crafted acoustic guitars from fine air-dried tone woods for over 30 years.

Is your guitar special to you?

Do you have several guitars, each of which you use for a specific sound or style?

I get it!

As a guitar and bass player myself, I understand how each of of you and your instruments are unique.  And how each player is different. Since 1978, I have worked to establish a personal relationship with each customer and to learn about each person’s guitar or bass and his or her playing style and demands.

As I study your level of expertise and music personality, I can interpret your needs and carry out the repairs or adjustments necessary for you to get optimum performance out of your instrument.

Whether you play for Creed, Arctic Monkeys, Prince or are a local musician, you will get the same attention.

This is the reason Beck’s Guitars was awarded the New Times’ “Best Guitar Repair Shop in Phoenix” award.

Make an appointment and see how the “Beck Treatment” is special.


All new guitars and bass’s come from the factory poorly adjusted. Get the most out of your instrument with Beck’s Super Set-Up.

Expert Refretting

When a guitar has fresh frets and a complete “Custom Action” is performed, your guitar will sing out and bend forever. We have refretted some of the world’s most expert musician’s guitars.

Broken Headstock Restoration

Has your guitar fallen over? We are expert at repairing any and all breaks and headstock fractures. We can make it look perfect and your guitar will play and sound as it did before.

Full Service Guitar Electronics

We can change pickups, pots, switches, and upgrade and repair all the electronics in your vintage or modern guitar.  New quality electronics will make your guitar sound great.