Electronics Repair, Modifications, and Upgrades for Your Guitar or Bass

We can repair, or upgrade the pickups, volume and tone pots & jack in your import guitar/bass, with quality American made matching parts. Not only will this make your instrument reliable and stage-worthy, but will improve your tone, and enhance your playing/sound experience!

If you would like more useable sounds from you guitar, we can install phase-series-split coil switches, so you can experience all the SINGLE-COIL-HUMBUCKING sounds out of JUST one guitar!

Do your electronics buzzzzz, or hisss??  Rewiring your import guitar with American-heavy strand wiring, will have a major effect on your instruments basic sound.  We can do a special custom shielding to the control cavities (something the factories never do) that will eliminate noise, and make it shock proof.  This is a big improvement whether preforming live, or playing in the recording studio.

Basic electronics repairs and upgrades are certainly worth considering in a guitar you plan to keep. Instead of spending all your money at once on a new guitar, have your guitar repaired with better parts, you’ll have a more useable instrument, and it’ll be worth more in the long run. Master Luther-repair tech, Gerhard Schleifer, from Germany, a talented player himself, can add sonic quality and reliability to your guitar/bass’ electronics. We guarantee it!

Text 623-202-3621 for a call back to discuss your instrument’s needs with Gerhard today.